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More RoS Audio Adventures Could Be On the Way...

News! News from Nottingham! ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Spiteful Puppet is hoping to release a new series of four 60-minute adventures that will include the original cast (even Michael Praed as Loxley). In order for this campaign to get off the ground, there needs to be 2000 initial orders. Here's the Spiteful Puppet media release if you'd like to learn more. The pre-order price is a tad bit pricey at £40.00, though it's not completely unreasonable when compared to some of the box sets at Big Finish. Unfortunately, I can't justify spending that kind of money right now, but I'm hoping Spiteful Puppet can make their pre-order target without me and that I'll be able to order a box set or downloads later on.

If you're interested in pre-ordering the box set, you can do so here. Apparently, there have been some glitches with the website, but Spiteful Puppet is working on the problem. There isn't a campaign page yet (as with the KOTA project), but I'll post the URL if one is created.

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