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The Great Experiment, Part Deux!

My experiment was a success: the impatiens survived until my mom's visit...and beyond! And my mom was impressed and amazed to find living things on my balcony. When she finally noticed them on Saturday morning, she cried, "You've got plants!". After recovering from her immense shock, she told me that I had made her weekend. As I had given her a copy of Hot Fuzz (a movie we both love) the night before, I think that's really saying something. I mean, I was sure Hot Fuzz would overshadow my little horticultural surprise, but apparently it didn't...unless Mom's a more accomplished liar than I realized. *g*

As usual, we had a great time at the EX. After visiting the animal shelter on the Exhibition grounds and going to the cat show, I was hoping I'd be able to talk Mom into getting another cat (as Oakley and Hamish seem to be missing Tris), but she wouldn't budge. Well, she fell in love with this huge orange Maine Coon cat called Beans at the cat show, but he wasn't for sale. Anywaaaay, we tried to make up for the lack of feline adoption by spending money in other areas of the EX. I bought an awesome candle holder that I can't even begin to describe and some rocks to add to the collection that is taking over my desk.

By the time we had left the EX, our feet were sore and we were pretty tired, so we had a snacky-type meal back at my place and watched Hot Fuzz and Galaxy Quest. I had learned a short time ago that Mom had never seen Galaxy Quest, so I insisted that she watch it -- for Alan Rickman if nothing else. As she managed to stay awake for the whole film (e.g. past 1:00 am), she obviously enjoyed it.

On Sunday, we did some more of the coach potato thing, watching the DVD footage Mom's friend had shot during their river cruise on the Danube and an IMAX film on Ancient Greece (Greece: Secrets of the Past) I had bought at the ROM the week before. Then we got some exercise and walked to Bayview, where Mom tried to talk me into buying a beautiful wooden bench that was only $185. I'm still debating whether I should go back and get it. Mom did point out exactly where it would fit in my tiny apartment and even offered to wait around if I couldn't be there when it was delivered. Fortunately, for the store, Mom bought a very nice clock (that cost less than $185), so they got some of our business. However, Sleuth of Baker Street benefitted more from our lack of willpower. I spent about $30 (which is actually pretty restrained for me) on a graphic novel of A Study in Scarlet and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Coming of the Fairies, which includes the notorious fairy photos that got him into so much hot water. Mom bought three books by a new author, whose name I've forgotten. Uh, I know the mysteries take place in Ireland, and I commented that only buying three books was pretty good for her. Then Mom admitted that only three books had been written so far, so she had, in fact, bought the entire series. *g*

For our last bit of splurging, we went to Hollywood Gelato, this heavenly place where you can get a cup or cone with three different delectable gelato flavours!

Well, that was basically our weekend. Was it also a success? I'd say, "Yarp!" :-)
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