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New RoS Audio Adventures Have Been Released!

Spiteful Puppet has just released four new RoS audio adventures that are available as downloads. This is in advance of the 4-disc box set that is being released next year. Unfortunately, these new audio adventures are only available to UK residents at the moment (for some reason I can't fathom), but I'm really hoping that will change. Thanks to the generosity of two friends (one of whom I will pay back when circumstances allow), I was able to order the 4-disc box set and The Templars' Promise. I also received The Blood That Binds free with the purchase of the 4-disc box set. If you're outside of the UK and impatient to get your hands on one or more of the new audio adventures, you could try to make an arrangement with a British friend to purchase the downloads. Click on the images to see the product in the Spiteful Puppet catalogue and learn more:

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