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Early Christmas Prezzies!

Just had to share the Christmas presents that pyrateanny was kind enough to send me:

British telephone box that was surprisingly easy to assemble. I've
made it part of my kitchen/living room divider Christmas display,
but I think I'll probably move it beside my TARDIS after the holidays.

The main reason I made the phone box part of my Christmas display is because
of my Beefeater nesting dolls. I mean, how could they not go together?

And here's the telephone box with the whole Christmas display

Ooooh! Oooooh! Oooooooh! Sherlock Holmes writing glove! ♥ This is actually one of a pair, but it's
impossible to take a picture of both writing gloves at the same time when you're the photographer. *g*

The text on the writing gloves is from The Hound of the Baskervilles.

A big thanks to pyrateanny for giving me such thoughtful presents and for thinking of me in the first place! :-D

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