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I had yesterday off and what did I do? I spent most of it stretched out on my bed. Well, when I wasn't in the bathroom, that is. The only productive thing I managed to do was some grocery shopping. Otherwise, I watched TV, went online and caught up on the YouTube vids my brother's been sending me for the past couple of weeks. Actually, I found some very amusing animal vids (including Jack Rabbit Bauer) that I ended up sending him in revenge. At least, I think they were funny. Pretty much anything colourful that moves has been moderately entertaining since yesterday.

I wish this crappy stomach bug would go. The only thing I've eaten today has been a slice of toast and some crackers. I thought things were getting better last night when I started feeling hungry around 5:00 and could eat a bagel and some chicken soup around 7:30. However, my stomach didn't seem that thrilled with me afterwards. In fact, all I really wanted to do was go to sleep. Being stubborn, I stayed up till about 10:30 before calling it a night. I was awake for part of the night, but I think I must have gotten at least ten hours sleep, which is freakin' unnatural for me!

The only good thing about this is that I've managed to get some writing done (albeit in front of the TV) and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be worried about over-indulging this weekend. At this point, I'd be happy to have any real appetite at all. It would also be nice if I could kick this thing by tomorrow because I was planning to visit my family. As I spoke to my mom on the phone yesterday, she knows about the stomach bug. However, I told her that I was sure I'd be fine by Sunday. Oh, well, maybe I'll make a miraculous recovery by then.

Uh, I'm not sure why I'm moaning about this. I was going to do this Ollivander's Wand Meme that I discovered on lazigyrl's and njc2007's LJs. Actually, I'll probably still do that as it won't require too much brainbower, etc. Uh, I'd still be watching TV, but I had finished watching the two Blood Ties episodes I had taped and there wasn't anything else I was in the mood to watch. BTW if you have a stomach bug don't watch the second episode involving voodoo and Vicky being cursed by a voodoo doll and experiencing symptoms that are like, oh, having a stomach bug. I also found that episode disturbing because there was some voodoo stuff going down in Mount Pleasant Cemetary and my maternal grandparents are buried there! And I thought having supernatural stuff in Toronto would be cool. *grumble, grumble*

Yeah, so I'm not really sure what I'm typing anymore. I think I'll go do that Ollivander's Wand Meme thingy. Mmm...colours...
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