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Cover Art for Robin Hood and the Sheriff's Mother!

raven714 has been kind enough once again to create cover art for one of my RoS stories. This time she was brave enough to tackle Robin Hood and the Sheriff's Mother with artwork that suits this fic perfectly:

We discussed the casting of Eleanor de Rainault during the Robert Addie birthday chat recently, and raven714 immediately came up with the brilliant suggestion of Maggie Smith! I have to admit that I hadn't pictured Maggie Smith when I was writing the story, but I probably will from now on! In any case, I think raven714 has done an excellent job of concocting the Sheriff's mother. I also love the images that she found for the Sheriff (who looks smug), Gisburne (who looks nervous and a bit panicked), Will (who looks confused), and Robin (who looks confident enough to beat Lady de Rainault at her own game). I was also impressed that raven714 incorporated an image of hands holding knuckle-bones. Great touch!

Thanks again for putting so much thought and effort into this cover art, raven714! As always, it's very much appreciated! :-D

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