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Hocus Pocus!: Ollivander's Wand Meme

Wood type: olive
Length: 11½ inches
Core: Dragon Heartstring

get your own wand!

I know no one's going to care about this except me, but having a wand made out of olive wood means this about me:

Olive wands tend to choose the witch or wizard who possess above average intelligence, not to mention often an overactive imagination. Olive wands are also a favorite of healers and are especially good not only for healing but also for protective spells. Many believe the bearers of Olive wands to be good at decision making - but this is not necessarily so. The owner of an olive wand may be decisive but that does not mean their decisions are the right ones. On the other side of the coin they may be so busy worrying about what is right that they are unable to ever reach a conclusion.

Olive's personality is peaceful

Yeah, okay, the only accurate part about that description was the "overactive imagination," but still...Hey, the description of the Dragon Heartstring sounds a bit more accurate:

Wands with Dragon Heartstring cores are excellent for hexes, or for dueling, not to mention fire magic. They tend to choose a witch or wizard who is strong not only physically, but also emotionally, and who usually has very strong opinions on things, though they often tend to be strong willed and thickheaded as well.

I'm totally strong emotionally (if by strong emotionally they mean over-emotional) and I'm definitely strong-willed (e.g. stubborn) and thickheaded (e.g. still stubborn).
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