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Holiday Photo Round-Up

Happy New Year once again! I thought I’d post some of the photos I took over the holidays...

As far as I know, Barnaby doesn’t usually like wine or sparkling juice.
However, he’s a cat, so he does like sitting where he’s not supposed to sit.

My sister being annoyingly photogenic.

What? Seriously? Trying to sleep here.

But I was persistent.

Tuppence went back to sleep.

My dad’s magnificent Christmas light display.

And here’s the close-up shot!

One beautiful Christmas tree! I didn’t decorate it, so I can say that.

Mom’s Dickens Village.

Not sure where to begin with this one...

I’m related to that...

E on her tablet and Barnaby sleeping.

My dad working on a crossword puzzle and Tuppence sleeping.

As usual, I had to sneak up on my mom to get a picture. *g*

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