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RIP Paul Darrow

I was sad to hear that Paul Darrow passed away after a short illness. I got into Blake's 7 not long after I became addicted to Sherlock Holmes and Robin of Sherwood, which is probably why Blake's 7 has an enduring place in my heart. Of course, Blake's 7 wouldn't have been Blake's 7 without Paul Darrow playing the fantastically complicated and acerbic Avon. Like so many other women (and probably quite a few men), I fell for Avon and fell for him hard. I re-watched Blake's 7 not that long ago and still found that I was captivated by Paul Darrow's performance. It was hard to focus on anything else when he was on the screen.

I know many Blake's 7 fans are heartbroken by the news of Paul Darrow's passing, but I think we can take some comfort in the wonderful memories we have of Avon and other Paul Darrow roles.

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