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Guild Park and Gardens 2019

Last weekend, I stayed with my parents. On Sunday, I visited the Guild Park and Gardens with my mom, sister and brother. The weather was beautiful, and I took a lot of pictures.

Signs warning people not to go past the barrier. Of course, a lot of people do.
Some of these idiots try to climb down the side of the cliff and then get stuck on
the Scarborough Bluffs, meaning that firefighters have to come out and rescue them.

Sir Frederick Banting’s fireplace. This fireplace was
in the home Banting lived in from 1928 to 1933.

My siblings posing in front of the Osterhout Log Cabin, which was built around 1795 by
Augustus Jones and named after William Osterhout, a United Empire Loyalist.

My brother offered to stand beside this column to give an indication
of its size. My dad had told B that he should do this whenever
he’s taking a picture of a statue, monument, etc. As my dad was once
a member of a photography club, who am I to argue?

Ooops. Ignoring my dad’s advice already. *g*

Queen Anne’s Lace

Flywheel, crank and drive-pulley of a stone gang-saw that
was used to cut slabs from quarried blocks of stone or marble.

He was already sitting on the wall when I got there.

Engaging in some stealth photography while sneaking up on my mom...

Non-stealth photo of Mom

Greek Theatre

Saint Francis & the Wolf by Thomas Bowie

The refurbished Guild Inn

More stealth photos

Mom asked if I’d had any pictures taken of me. It
started off innocently enough with this boring pose.

Although my brother was the one taking the pictures, my mom began miming
suggestions for model poses. I warmed up with this “I’m a little teapot” number.

Then I got a bit carried away.

And this is just plain silly.

Apparently, the silliness was contagious.

That tiny white speck is a sailboat on Lake Ontario.

One of the highlights of last weekend was Barnaby’s big new box. Okay, the box originally
contained my mom’s new convection oven, but Barnaby was more excited about the box...

And what he could do when he was in the box.

Tuppence had better things to do than sit in a box.
Why sit in a box when you can lie beside it instead?

Barnaby could also appreciate spending time outside the box.

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