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A Great Place to Find Some Retro TV

I recently stumbled across the Shout! Factory TV website and thought I would share the link. Shout! Factory TV has released a number of retro TV shows on DVD over the years, and these shows can be watched on their website. These shows include Space: 1999, The Prisoner, The Saint, Sapphire and Steel, and Secret Agent.

I came across Shout! Factory TV while watching a British show from the seventies called Thriller. My brother found the DVD in a little library and showed me an episode with Jeremy Brett called "One Deadly Owner". I was immediately hooked and wanted to watch the entire series. I started watching the series on YouTube, but then I discovered that I could watch commercial-free episodes on the Shout! Factory TV website. Well...I actually had two commercials pop up the last time I watched Thriller, but it wasn't nearly as annoying as the multitude of commercials that appear on YouTube. Anywaaaaaaaay, I can recommend Thriller to anyone who enjoys mysteries and/or supernatural tales with a twist. The show actually reminds me of Sapphire and Steel, only not as strange. All of the episodes can be found here.

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