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A Dog's Breakfast: A Long Overdue Review

While I was visiting the Dog's Breakfast website and shamelessly reading all about little Sebastian Flynn Loughman Hewlett, I came across a newly-added post in which David Hewlett was appealing to his fans to once again spread the word of A Dog's Breakfast. One method he suggested was leaving a review at, so I thought I'd do just that, though I decided to wait until later in the day as it was around 2:30 a.m. at the time. Then, I had another thought. Why not post my review on LJ as well? I know at least some of my flist includes David Hewlett/SGA fans and I figured it couldn't hurt. However, I should probably warn you that I was a little effusive in my praise given the purpose of the review. Still, my words were sincere because I honestly did love the film.

So, without further ado, here is my review of A Dog's Breakfast:

This film is definitely worth watching. It's funny, clever, and highly entertaining. I showed A Dog's Breakfast to my family over Thanksgiving weekend, and my dad stayed awake for it: always the hallmark of a GOOD film. As this is David Hewlett's first film, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, it was even better than I anticipated. In fact, I've now watched the film three times and know it will be something I watch again and again and again. Oh, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the special features. Not only was there a wonderful commentary, but great behind-the-scene featurettes as well. I mean, that's pretty impressive for an Indie film. I know I've come across DVDs for movies with much bigger budgets that barely had any special features at all. So if you're a fan of comedy, especially British comedy, or physical comedy like Fawlty Towers or the Pink Panter films, then you really should watch A Dog's Breakfast. If you're a fan of David Hewlett and Stargate Atlantis then there's absolutely no question about it: you MUST watch A Dog's Breakfast!

In other SGA-related news, hesternic has created four more songvids because she's a freak: a brilliant and very talented freak, but a freak nonetheless. I mean, who creates five songvids in a week? It's SCARY! However, as I've been reaping the benefits by being able to watch these awesome vids, I'm not complaining!

Atlantis: Space Manatee

Stargate Atlantis: "Banditos"

The Wraith: "Space Cretins"

John Sheppard -- Rescue Me!

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