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COVID-19 Silliness

I originally posted this on Facebook and then thought that I might as well share it on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth as well:

I've been staying with my parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, which turned out to be a blessing as my poor mom managed to do in her back again and has been struggling off and on with sleeplessness (though it's a lot better than it was about a month ago). Anyway, I've been trying to help out as much as I can, which has meant that my mom has made me her official head gardener. I know next to nothing about gardening, but I've managed to do a lot of weeding and watering. She's also entrusted her poppies to me. This has mostly just involved tying the heads of the poppies to bamboo sticks as they become ridiculously top-heavy as they grow.

Sadly, I think that my mom is more pleased about how I look in her gardening hat than the gardening itself. She insisted that my brother take a couple of pictures of me wearing the hat while posing beside the poppies. She thought I should capture my COVID-19 lockdown experience for posterity. I think she just wants a record of me looking like a gardener in case she never sees it again.

Oh, and here are some bonus cat pictures. I actually took these around Christmas, but I never got around to posting them:

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