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A Story of Mine is Being Published!

A Sherlock Holmes story that I wrote is being published in the following anthology:

I first learned about both this anthology (and Sherlock Holmes: Stranger than Fiction) back in September. As Belanger Books was accepting submissions, I thought I'd give it a shot. Although the deadline was December 31st, I kept it a secret in case my story was rejected. Happily, I heard from the editor on February 1st and learned that my story had been accepted. At the moment, Belanger Books is running an AWESOME Kickstarter campaign for both Sherlock Holmes: Stranger than Truth and Sherlock Holmes: Stranger than Fiction. I say "AWESOME" because they have a trailer -- an actual trailer for these books. Oh, and if you scroll far enough down the page, you can see my name and the title of my story.

This is probably my news of the year, so I'm definitely savouring it more than I should. I'm also hopelessly vain about my writing, so there's that too. *g*

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