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August 12th, 2012


Gibraltar Point Lighthouse Tour

Tonight, I had the opportunity to see inside the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, which is very rarely open to the public. In fact, this tour wouldn't have been possible at all if the founder of Muddy York Tours hadn't spent two years pleading his case to Toronto Parks & Rec. And I wouldn't have even known there was a tour if pyrateanny hadn't been kind enough to give me the heads up. Lots of pics of a haunted lighthouse this way!Collapse )

Creepy Canada's Gibraltar Point Lighthouse Vid

As a number of people enjoyed my Gibraltar Point Lighthouse post, I thought I'd share this Creepy Canada vid I found on YouTube. We can thank my sister for this. After reading my report, she said the story seemed really familiar and thought it might have been featured on Creepy Canada. As it turns out, she was right! :-)

Whoops! Sorry about that! This is what I get for posting a vid before watching all of it! The last 45 seconds of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse story (*rolls eyes*) can be found at the beginning of this vid:

BTW, I would take the Creepy Canada version of the story with a huge grain of salt. There are several inaccuracies, such as the murder conviction that took place 80 years later (WTF?), so it's pretty obvious that the producers took a number of artistic liberties.