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Seriously Contemplating Murder

The individual who lives above me has been drilling something for at least an hour now. Well, this person stopped for about 15 minutes when I had a hissy fit and whacked my Swiffer Sweeper on the ceiling. Several times. However, the god-damn sonofabitch is back at it again!

I tried to keep my temper. I really did. I mean, I know I have no right to complain as it's a perfectly reasonable hour of the day. However, it's quite loud and I've been fighting a migraine since last night. Well, okay, it's more of a mild headache now, but the drilling is still f*ckin' annoying. And it's not as if it's the first time I've heard it. It's something that happens quite often and has been happening over several months. In fact, there have been times when Bob the Idiot Builder has drilled or hammered at an unreasonable hour. Once it was around midnight.

I don't know what this person is constructing, but I don't think an ark is going to do much good on the ninth floor of a Toronto apartment building. I mean, even if the fictional flood waters reach that level how the f*ck is the bastard going to get the ark out? Smash through the walls?

Sorry that my holiday post is a rant. However, I haven't had a good rant on LJ for a long time, which is a minor miracle considering my Taurean temper. Subjecting my poor flist to my wrath has also prevented me from doing something stupid and pointless like thumping my ceiling again or going up to the ninth floor and giving said a$$hole a piece of my foul-tempered mind.

Uh, I'm hoping that my next post will be filled with lots of cheerful holiday photos (e.g. blackmail material) as I took a number of pictures over Christmas with my new cell phone. I even have a couple of short vids of my mom's adorable kitten, Minerva. I'm just waiting for my USB cable to arrive and I should be set.
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