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Cell Phone Album Extravaganza!

I finally got my USB cable for my Nokia phone, and the world has just become a slightly more frightening place because of it. There's a reason why some people shouldn't have cell phones, and I think this LJ post is an excellent example of why.

As I can't seem to take decent pictures of human beings (and my family knows where I live), I'll begin by picking on my parents' cats.

I'll start off with Oakley first because he's the oldest and has suffered under my parents' roof the longest. I was only able to get three pictures of him over the Christmas holidays because he kept going into hiding and sulking over the fact that his mommy brought a little sister home. As I ignored my own sister for the first year of her life, I won't make any judgments on poor Oakley.

And here's Hamish. We were all surprised by how quickly he warmed to the kitten. We thought he'd be the one who'd have problems with her, not Oakley. However, Hamish was pretty cool and laid back over the holidays -- except when anyone tried to pick him up or cut his claws.

Oh, and here are two pictures I took of Hamish yesterday. That little white ball of fur washing his head in the second picture is Minerva. I'll get to her in nauseating detail in just a sec.

Minerva. What can I say about Minerva. She's absolutely adorable and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She's very affectionate and just loves to play. As my own beloved Marmie was part Maine Coon, with the same kind of bushy tail, Minerva reminds me of him in some ways. Anywaaaaay, as you can see, I might have gotten a little carried away with my cell phone camera when it came to Minerva.

And it gets even scarier. Here are two very short, boring and badly-filmed clips of Minerva. I think I can safely say that these are two of the worst vids on YouTube. *g* In the first vid, Minerva is taking a round out of one of my presents. In the second one, I thought she was going to start attacking me, but she decided to fall asleep instead.

I'm afraid the chaos and insanity grew even more intense when I returned to my own humble apartment after Christmas. As my parents' place was one of the targets for this year's Doctor Who Christmas Invasion, I ended up with some tiny new friends. I'm sure fans of the show will recognize these familiar faces:

I tried to control the Dalek. I really did. However, he had to go and pick a fight with K-9. Fortunately, for our favourite metal dog, the Dalek was quite smitten with him and asked K-9 if he could adopt him. When K-9 informed him that his mistress wouldn't like the idea, the Dalek was quite put out. He might have exterminated K-9 on the spot if K-9 hadn't been such a fine piece of robotic engineering.

The Dalek next faced his most powerful nemesis ever: giant radioactive Sherlock Holmes. He never stood a chance. Luckily, the Great Detective decided to spare the Dalek because he'd just begun writing a monograph on the subject of salt & pepper shakers.

It was only when the Dalek came upon the Enterprise NX-01 that he was successful. He exterminated Captain Jonathan Archer and took command of the bridge. Porthos travelled back in time to London to live with Sarah-Jane Smith and K-9.

Okay. Nearly there. But first I have to show you a picture of my miracle plant. This impatiens not only remained alive through the fall and winter (as did the other impatiens on my balcony), but it grew flowers in January! Frickin' January!

Lastly, here are a couple of pictures I took from my balcony a couple of weeks ago when Ontario was hit by a ton of snow. Okay, it doesn't look so bad in these pictures, but this was before the full 30-odd cm had finished falling.

For those of you who actually made it through this entire post, I thank you for your extreme patience, courage, and indulgence. I think I'm going to go lie down now.
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