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Acoustic Harvest and Stargate Goodies!

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an Acoustic Harvest event with my good friend bakerybard at St. Nicholas Church in Scarborough. Acoustic Harvest is basically a folk music organization that arranges concerts showcasing folk artists, many of which are local. Last night's concert featured music by Rosemary Phelan, who played an interesting selection of songs ranging from Blues to Celtic Folk. While not all of her songs appealed to me, I thought she had a beautiful voice and a great stage presence. I was also impressed by the other two musicians on stage -- dobro player Jason LaPrade and bass player Murray Foster. Actually, Murray Foster is the reason why bakerybard first learned about the Rosemary Phelan concert, as she's known Murray for years.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect at a folk concert being held in a Scarborough church, so I was surprised by the amount of audience participation (mostly singing bits of chorus) that was involved. Some audience participation (in the form of light-hearted heckling) wasn't something the artists asked for, but they took it in stride. I also didn't realize that the Acoustic Harvest committee would organize refreshments and a draw, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering that we were in a church basement. *g*

After the concert was over, bakerybard got a chance to catch up with Murray before we headed back out in the cold to catch a bus to Victoria Station. In a highly unusual occurrence in Scarborough, a bus pulled up to the bus stop almost immediately and we made pretty good time back to Eglinton Station. Not wanting the evening to end just yet, we went to Tim Horton's for some hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin. Well, I had the blueberry muffin because I was hungry. In any case, we had a nice long conversation about fic and fic-writing among other things. Then, to my absolute amazement, bakerybard gave me a scarf she had knitted. But it wasn't just any scarf. Oh, no, my friends, it was a Stargate scarf!

bakerybard had offered to knit me a scarf if I agreed to come to the Rosemary Phelan concert, but I thought she was joking! Well, apparently she was, but then she decided that it would be a fun project and set about knitting the coolest scarf ever! :-D

While I'm on the subject of awesome Stargate-related gifts, I thought it was high time to share pictures of the wonderful Stargate paperweight dubghall gave me for Christmas! Check it out!

And, once I remembered the Stargate paperweight, I also remembered the three Atlantis-themed CDs that pyrateanny has kindly put together for me the last couple of months and rushed off to take more pictures!

The first Atlantis-themed CD is The Adventures of Dr. Rodney McKay on Planet Claire, which involves a cool mix of space-related songs by various artists. Uh, I have no idea what "Planet Claire" could possibly be referring to! *g*

The second Atlantis-themed CD is Atlantis Rising, a compilation of New Age songs revolving around the Lost City of Atlantis, the ocean, space, etc.

The third Atlantis-themed CD (which I haven't even had for a week) is Atlantis Techno. This will probably surprise you, but it is a collection of Techno music about Atlantis, the ocean, space, etc. I've actually found this CD very useful while working on the rough draft for the latest installment of my current fic. And, hey, you've gotta love the cover!

All I can say is that I've got some very generous, talented and rather freaky friends! I'm extremely grateful for all of them! :-D
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