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Stop, World, I Want to Get Off!

As some of you have probably guessed, I don't love my job. In fact, there are days when I loathe it. This would be one of them.

For some reason I can't fathom, someone in my company decided that it would be a brilliant idea to get rid of some of the online legal databases. This is all fine and good if the cases in these databases are going to be available elsewhere. However, in the case of one database I use frequently, some of the decisions don't appear anywhere else. That means I have to take extra time to track them down in the library. But, wait. The library only has the oldest and most recent cases for this particular legal series. I mean, it would be silly to have, oh, the entire series. I guess in some ways I should be grateful, as it will save me some work. Instead of walking halfway across the office to track down the texts, I can just leave a note for the legal editors saying that the decision can't be found. Anywhere.

On top of losing certain databases, we can't do parallel work or edit decisions because the main database is under construction...or something. Oh, and no new decisions are making it through because of it. Ergo, when I finish my current batch of decisions, I won't have anything to work on. Fortunately (depending on your perspective), I probably have enough work to get me through the day, but Monday could be a complete write-off if the main database is still offline. Kind of makes me wonder if there’s any point in coming in. There might be a TTC strike next week, but I’m afraid that won’t get me out of work as there's a contingency plan in place. If it's the same contingency plan as the last time the TTC threatened to strike, I'll be carpooling with a co-worker who likes to come into work around 8:00 and leave around 6:00. Oh, joy.

Why do these things have to happen when I have PMS? I already feel homicidal and have no coping skills. At all. I know things would seem less bleak if my hormones weren't raging. And, in case bakerybard happens to be reading this, I'm sure I'll be happier and saner (relatively speaking) by tonight. Honest. If nothing else, the prospect of seeing Fire should ensure that. Well, that and an A&W burger at the Yonge/Eglinton Centre food court. *g*
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