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I Cheated

Tonight I kind of cheated on my diet. I had a fairly shitty day at work and just caved a little. A friend made this apple square on the weekend, and I ate a much larger portion than I should have. [Hell, I shouldn't have eaten any at all, but I had to finish off what she gave me to take home, right?] Oh, and I had a slice of bread (100% stone ground bread) with my 260 calorie Michaelina pasta...thingie when I should have tried to convince my stomach that we really didn't need it. I also didn't walk after work, but I had an errand to run and it just wouldn't have been...convenient. Yeah, so I'll definitely be cutting down and exercising tomorrow.

So why am I sharing this boring confession with the handful of friends who read this LJ? Well, I'm hoping that the potential guilt factor that comes from cheating will increase if more people know that I'm dieting. For the most part, I've been pretty good -- for me, anyway. And while I've only been on this diet for the last couple of weeks, there has been some weight loss. This alone should be a good incentive for me to continue. If that doesn't work, I'll go with the original reason for the diet: my doctor informing me that I could eventually die of heart disease if I didn't lose weight and lower my LDL. Okay, she said it was more of a wake-up call, but I'm paranoid enough to believe it could totally happen, like, tomorrow. Anywaaaay, as this seems to be year in which I finally try to get my act together, the diet is extremely timely. Not always as tasty as I'd like, but certainly timely.
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