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Birthday Bowling!!!

To celebrate my sister's birthday, my brother decided that the three of us should go bowling. I'll admit that I had my doubts, but I went along with it as it seemed like something E really wanted to do. To my delight and surprise, bowling with my siblings was actually a lot of fun.

As my sister was concerned about the bowling alley being crowded, we decided to go in the morning. This meant getting up at the crack of dawn (around 7:40 which is the crack of dawn on a Saturday) as All Star Bowl is in Scarberia. Well, E was right. We were able to avoid crowds. In fact, we had the entire bowling alley to ourselves, which was pretty damn cool. It also made for less embarrassment when my brother had to explain how to hold a bowling ball properly. You see, I had only ever played five-pin bowling and this was my first time playing ten-pin bowling (or "grown-up bowling" as I like to call it). Anyway, once I got used to holding a heavier ball and having to stick my short, stubby fingers in those three holes, I wasn't doing too badly. I managed to get one strike and at least two spares over the course of three games. However, the birthday girl kicked our asses. She won the first and last game, while I only won the second game. B didn't win any games, despite his feeble attempts to jinx me during the entire third game. I believe he came in last every time, though, to be fair, I only managed to beat him by one point in that last match.

Okay, if you think those pictures are scary, you should check out the vid E shot with B's cell phone. I thought she was just taking a picture, which is why I stood standing there with that cheesy Cheshire cat grin on my face. Of course she ended up posting the vid on YouTube:

Siblings can be so cruel.

After bowling, we went to the Happy Panda for lunch. As you might imagine, there was a picture of a panda on the sign. Inside, there were stuffed pandas clinging to fake bamboo trees that were filled with blinking lights and a giant mural of a panda over the buffet area. Oh, and the ceiling was covered with green parasols. However, the most bizarre experience for me was drinking bubble tea for the first (and possibly last) time. It's...It's just not right! I mean, the bubbles are solid and tapioca and they fly up your straw and straight into your mouth... *Shudders* Well, the rest of the meal was delicious and far less creepy, even with all the pandas and blinking lights.

As Mom knew the three of us were having a large lunch, she decided to prepare a snacky-type meal for supper. And, as often happens on special occasions, Mom let me prepare the cheese and cracker platter. For a couple of minutes, I struggled and feared that my cheese muse had forsaken me. Then, as I was arranging bits of cheese around the platter, I realized that I was creating something that resembled a clock or sundial, so I decided that the theme of this platter would be time and the title would be Time's Cruel Reckoning:

In the end, I think everything worked out extremely well. E had a good time bowling, enjoyed her meal at the Happy Panda, and was happy with her birthday presents. A successful day all round. :-)
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