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The Long Weekend Will Soon Be Over…

This long weekend has been a blast, but, more and more, I'm faced with the cruel fact that I'll be returning to work tomorrow. I took a couple of days off work because dubghall was in town for bakerybard's birthday extravaganza. Because I'm lazy and used up most of my creative juices writing bakerybard's birthday fic, I'll try to sum up the weekend quickly.

dubghall arrived on Thursday. After she and bakerybard went on a grocery and liquor store run, I arrived at bakerybard's with my McKay and Sheppard action figures. Once they were settled in with dubghall's Aragorn and Boromir action figures, the three of us were free to talk, order pizza and drink Magners. As we were all kind of tired, I think I left around 12:30 or 1:00.

On Friday, bakerybard and dubghall visited Body Blitz, which is apparently way better than a spa. I did my laundry, some grocery shopping, and finished cleaning my apartment. Then, later that afternoon, we visited the ROM, so dubghall could see the completed wing that had still been under construction the last time she visited Toronto. After admiring the exterior of the ROM, we decided to check out the interior (e.g. the big gift store). bakerybard bought this great model/figurine of a Galapagos tortoise (because it looks like it's smiling) and dubghall bought two postcards showing the finished wing. Strangely enough, I didn't buy anything. However, I had been to the ROM for the Darwin/Evolution exhibit a month previously, so maybe that was why.

After our visit to the ROM gift shop, we went back to my place for a bit. Then we had supper at Scruffy Murphy's and walked to bakerybard's. On the way, we stopped at Shopper's Drug Mart so dubghall could break a twenty and get some smaller bills. She did this by buying a chocolate bar. I bought some of those new Indiana Jones M&Ms because bakerybard and dubghall told me that some of them have a fedora on them. At bakerybard's we watched some footage of a road trip bakerybard took to Rhode Island during university, an episode of Flight of the Conchords, and the last three episodes of Queer As Folk (the North American version). I happily munched on my Indiana Jones M&M's and drank entirely too much Coke Zero.

On Saturday (bakerybard's birthday), bakerybard and dubghall managed to wake up and make a trip to Loblaws. I managed to wake up, finish off bakerybard's birthday fic, and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. I didn't actually leave my apartment until I went to Eglinton Station to meet up with bakerybard, dubghall and two more of bakerybard's friends who I'd heard a lot about but had never met. We were going to Hugh's Room (the same venue as the Oysterband concert) to see one of bakerybard's favourite musicians, Mike Ford. We had a delicious meal at a table that was situated very close to the stage. Before the show, bakerybard opened her presents and seemed very happy with all of her birthday loot. I was relieved that she liked her sonic screwdriver and Tardis shot glass and that she didn't have these particular items already.

The concert itself was wonderful! Mike Ford is a very talented and versatile singer. He's also very entertaining and knows how to work an audience. He actually had everyone participate in a couple of songs and bought drinks for two people who answered his Canadian trivia questions correctly. Although my knowledge of Canadian history is pretty pathetic (despite all the research I did for my Canadian Glossary), I knew enough to be able to appreciate his excellent lyrics. Another bonus of the evening was seeing Murray Foster back on stage. He and Mike Ford shared some hilarious banter and they even resurrected two sixties British boy band characters they had created back in their Moxy Früvous days. One of the highlights of the evening was seeing them perform "Admiral Trafalgar".

After the show, bakerybard talked to Murray at the bar while dubghall and I entertained ourselves by making inane conversation. Fortunately for them, Sar's other two friends missed the Seinfeld re-enactment as they had to leave after the first act. Anywaaaaay, after bakerybard finished talking to Murray, we went back to her place to eat delicious chocolate cake and drink a shot of whiskey.

On Sunday, the three of us went to a harp recital at the Church of the Redeemer. It had been organized by bakerybard's harp instructor and showcased other students. bakerybard was interested in going because she wanted to show her support and study the technique of some of the more experienced students. Although I knew almost nothing about harps, I also found it really interesting to watch how the students played and observe the range of skills and music being played. I had always been curious about what the inside of the Church of the Redeemer was like as I had passed it many times over the years, so it was great to check out the Gothic revival architecture and the beautiful stained glass windows. We all went on a stained glass tour after the concert was over and we'd had our refreshments. dubghall provided additional information from the church pamphlet.

I'm happy to say that bakerybard's other two friends dropped by to have the cake and whiskey they missed on the previous night. They were even shown pictures of the house dubghall and her husband just bought. The rest of the evening was pretty laid back. bakerybard, dubghall and I watched the final season of Coupling, talked, and munched on Doritos. I left just before midnight because I knew Kathye would probably want to go to bed at a fairly reasonable hour considering that she was flying home the next day. I think she had a fun and relaxing time, which is just what she needed considering the stresses of work and house hunting. I know bakerybard was thrilled that she could stay for the weekend and help her celebrate her birthday.

Today was pretty low-key after everything that happened over the weekend. I went to Edwards Gardens because it was a beautiful warm day and I wanted to get some writing done. Despite being distracted by a family of Canadian Geese, I think I was doing okay. Then a duck waddled up to me, eyeing my supply of Wheat Thins.

As I love ducks, I couldn't resist feeding him. However, by feeding him, I attracted the attention of the matriarch of the Canada Goose family. Well, I assume she was the matriarch because she was more agressive than the other adult and the goslings followed her when she approached me for her share of Wheat Thins.

Of course, I couldn't feed Mother Goose and ignore the goslings, so I threw pieces of Wheat Thins at them as well. Luckily, no fights broke out between the siblings over food and I was able to feed their parents as well. Oh, and then the duck (I'm sure it was the same one) returned with a female companion, so I had to try to keep them happy and separated from the geese. I was relieved when all the goslings began to settle down to sleep as I wasn't sure what would happen when I ran out of Wheat Thins. Strangely enough, they decided to gather around my bench to take their naps, so I did what anyone in this day and age might do: I took pictures of them with my cell phone.

For the sake of my writing, I eventually moved to another bench and got a bit more work done. I was there for maybe half an hour before I decided to call it a visit. I made the mistake of visiting the gift shop and bought myself a succulent:

As I've managed to keep my impatiens alive for a whole year now, I thought I'd try to adopt a new plant. I'll keep you posted as to whether the poor little bastard survives or not. *g*
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