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Here Come the Drums!

So obviously I've got a problem. It's been over a week now since I finally watched "The Sound of Drums" and "Last of the Time Lords" on DVD (Yes, I'm that far behind) and I'm still obsessing about Simm!Master. I tried to fight it, but I've been searching for Simm!Master fic, watching Simm!Master vids on YouTube, and even downloading Rogue Traders' "Voodoo Child" and Scissor Sisters' "I Can't Decide". Oh, and let's not talk about the computer wallpaper or the EVIL plot bunnies that have been constantly drumming up fic ideas in my head! Fortunately, I usually let ideas incubate in my brain for ages before I start a story, so I should be able to fight off the Simm!Master fic urge for a bit longer -- assuming I don't recover from this fixation before then. By some miracle, I was able to finish the rough draft of the eighth installment of In the Family Way despite John Simm. Now I just have to finish typing out the last three scenes and do some serious revision without succumbing to the need to hunt for more Simm!Master fic. With any luck, the current collection of stories on my hard drive will suffice. I figure that I'll run out of decent (or even half decent) Simm!Master fic pretty soon. Of course, this will probably just mean that I'll start reading Life on Mars stories to get my Simm fix -- even though I've never seen the series.
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