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Arrrrrrgggghhh!!! I'm Such An IDIOT!!!

Waaaaaaahhhh!!! I could have been taping Life on Mars for the past couple of weeks because it's being shown on Showcase! I could have taped an episode this afternoon if I'd thought to check the Showcase website sooner! I guess I'd convinced myself that Life on Mars couldn't possibly be showing in Canada on a channel that was included in my cable package. Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Well, I guess I can console myself with the knowledge that I eventually did think to check and that I'll be able to catch at least some of the episodes. Hey, if I'm lucky, Showcase might even repeat the series from the beginning. Still, I've got to wait a whole week before it's on again! :-(

I swear my brain has been on a leave of absence all weekend. This morning, I started making a salmon pasta casserole and then realized that I'd managed to get all the ingredients except the pasta! Luckily, I hadn't gone very far and could stick the salmon in the fridge while I went to Dominion to hunt down a box of whole wheat rotini. Of course, Dominion didn't have whole wheat rotini because Dominion never has anything. I ended up hiking down to Mount Pleasant and hitting the Sobeys, which meant avoiding the homeless guy selling Outreach papers because I'd bought one off of him on Friday night and he'd asked me if I wanted to grab a coffee. However, I did get my whole wheat rotini, a package of salad greens (because Dominion was out of that too), and a box of my favourite brand of Wheat Thins (also unavailable at Dominion).

Uh...not sure why I felt the need to share all that. I'm probably still in panic mode about Life on Mars. Damn this (possibly temporary) John Simm obsession. It's not healthy -- not that any of my obsessions ever are. *g* Btw if any of you want to see an amazing series check out State of Play. The DVD was worth every single penny.
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