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Succulent Watch: Day 54

I've been meaning to update my flist on the status of my succulent for some time, but I've been either lazy or busy. Sometimes both. Anywaaaaay, I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to know that Harry has survived for almost two months under my roof. Here's the proof:

Here's a picture of Harry I took shortly after I brought him home (e.g. Day 1).

And here's a picture I took this morning (e.g. Day 54)!

Notice the difference? I know it isn't just my imagination. Not only is Harry alive but he's grown bigger and taller and...and more aesthetically pleasing! Now, it might be a different story in another two months, but at the moment I'm choosing to savour the victory.

And, now, I must share a terrible story of defeat. Last week, my sister bought a Batista action figure and insisted that I bring McKay and Sheppard around to meet him. I also brought K-9 and my Dalek as back up, but apparently it wasn't enough. While my mom and I were engrossed in the first three episodes of State of Play (I knew I could get her hooked if she just saw one episode), my dear sister took these incriminating photos of Batista with poor Sheppard:

I blame myself. This tragedy could have been prevented if I'd been more vigilent and a little less obsessed with John Simm. And, after this horrifying experience, I think I might be able to watch "Common Ground" without much. Of course, Sheppard being Sheppard did his best to keep it together until he and McKay were alone. That was when McKay was left to pick up the pieces:

McKay: Batista. Is. Going. To. Cry.

rusty_armour: Don't you mean "die"?

McKay: Are you nuts? The guy could beat me to a pulp! No, no, verbal abuse is a much more effective weapon. I made a Marine cry once. I'm that good.

rusty_armour: But, Rodia, the guilt will tear you apart. It will eat away at you until you go mad or collapse with fever. Maybe even both.

McKay: Listen, Rustykolnikov, this isn't a Russian novel. I'm not going to do any of those things. I'm going to berate and belittle Batista and then feel much better in the process. Maybe if you stopped trying to read Crime and Punishment, you'd feel better too. Why don't you just rent the DVD?

rusty_armour: Because it's better to read the book first. Everyone knows that.

McKay: Yeah, but John Simm isn't in the book, is he?

rusty_armour: No, but I've seen pictures of him as Raskolnikov, so I can picture him while I'm reading. Oh, and I'll have additional background information that I won't get from watching the DVD alone.

McKay: You're a freak. I don't know why I bother talking to you. I'm going back to comfort Sheppard. It's been, like, a week. You'd think he'd be over it by now.

rusty_armour: Yeah, anyone who was a little less oblivious might be suspicious of that.

McKay: Yes, well, thankfully I'm not. Oh, and, by the way, don't try to take the moral high ground with me, missy. I know you've started writing another fic behind my back. A fic I'm not in, I might add!

rusty_armour: Oh, crap! But-but I was so sneaky and cunning! I...I hid all the evidence!

McKay: Not all of it, my friend. That scrap piece of paper you scribbled on when you were on the bus is in the front pocket of your notebook and you saved the Word file you started under "My Fanfic". Could you be any less subtle?

Rustykolnikov's heart sank as she read the passage above. "I suspected this," muttered she. "I must be going mad. What else would have possessed me to leave the evidence lying in the open for all to see?" Rustykolnikov's head swam and she felt weak from hunger and fever. "I must rest. No doubt I will feel better once this illness has passed.
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