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Olympic Boycott: Day One

So today is the first official day of my Beijing Olympics boycott. It's probably not even worth writing about as it's not going to have a major impact on the world or anything. Hell, it's not even going to have that big an impact on me. Usually, I'm doing well if I watch the Olympic opening ceremonies and some events on the first day. After that, my attention wanders, I get bored, and then I stop watching. This time around, I just won't tune in at all. Tonight, I'll probably catch up on a couple of shows I've taped over the last few days (like the eighth episode of Life on Mars). Oh, and Torchwood is premiering on SPACE. For some reason I can't fathom, SPACE is starting with the second series instead of the first. However, I'll probably tune in anyway. I'm hoping I might manage to scribble something at the same time. It's awful but sometimes I write in front of the TV. This is usually when I can't be motivated to write at all and think I can fool my brain into believing that I'm not actually writing but just watching TV.

Uh...maybe the second day of the boycott will be a little more exciting. *g*
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