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Olympic Boycott: Day Three

Yesterday I was forcibly exposed to some of the Olympics because when T arrived at S's she insisted on watching it. Although I told S and A about my boycott, I knew there was no point in telling T, so I kept my mouth shut. I also kept my eyes averted from the TV and then moved to another chair so that I wasn't the facing the TV at all. As S had started telling us about her latest problem in the romance department, the Olympics was pretty much just background noise anyway. However, T got all excited when she learned that Sierra Grill had wifi and she could watch the Olympics on...Well, whatever wireless internet device she currently owns. Then she realized that she didn't have said device on her. None of us were particularly sympathetic to her plight. Call me crazy but I think it's just a tad bit rude to be watching something on wifi when you're dining with your friends, especially if one your friends is celebrating her birthday. Of course, T had to watch the Olympics again once we returned to S's place. In fact, she even used S's laptop to watch the online coverage at the same time as CBC's coverage. Shortly after that, she started developing a migraine and ended up crashing on the couch for a bit after taking some Ibuprofen. I was sympathetic then because I suffer from migraines myself, though I don't experience auras the way T does.

Today the boycott has gone much more smoothly. The only time I turned on the TV was to watch episode 2.1 of Life on Mars. Other than that, I slept in longer than I should have, showered, bought some groceries, did some dishes, ate lunch, watched "Midnight" (e.g. episode 4.10 of Doctor Who), and called home home. Not the most productive day, but a fairly typical Sunday for yours truly.
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