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Olympic Boycott: Day Ten

Once again, I learned about Canada's latest standings in the Olympics by watching CP24 this morning. And I only tuned in because I was hungry and decided to munch on some cereal in front of the TV despite it being almost 9:40 AM. Anywaaaay, it's nice to see that Canada is now in 17th place as opposed to...whatever place it was in before. I wouldn't know because I've been, like, boycotting.

My day without Olympic coverage of any other kind has been pretty good. I sat out in the balcony and got some writing done. In fact, my muse sat down with me and helped me out with the scene I was working on. At least, I think it was my muse. It's hard to say because I think the characters in question basically took over as well. All I know is that I had planned for the scene to go one way and the characters led me in a different direction entirely. That hasn't happened to me for a while and I'd forgotten how exhilarating it can be.

I watched the latest episode of SGA ("Ghost in the Machine") with lunch and was really impressed. Not only did the episode have a cool premise but it wrapped up a storyline from the fourth season that was never really resolved. Well, "wrapped up" might be putting it a bit strongly. The ending was a bit ambiguous, but in a good way. I was left thinking, Whoa... I also watched episode 2.2 of Life on Mars, which was highly enjoyable. Gene stuffed Sam in the boot of his Cortina. Sam punched Gene as soon as Gene let him out. Fun stuff. :-)

Between oggling David Hewlett and John Simm, I went out to get sweet & sour sauce and buy a card for my Aunty A's birthday. I should really do some more cleaning in preparation for my mom's visit, though I'd also like to finish the beta job I've started. This may be partly due to wonderful Doctor Who story I'll be reading in the other window. Now that I'm caught up with the fourth series, I've started reading dwseason5's AU Doctor Who Season Five, which is totally worth it for this exchange between Donna and the Master alone:

Harold Saxon is standing in the middle of her bedroom.

Harold Saxon is standing in the middle of her room, in shirtsleeves and a tie, looking mildly surprised. The only blemish in his impeccable appearance is a small bloom of crimson halfway down the side of his shirt.

Donna gapes at him. "What?"

He recovers himself at once and smiles his trademark charming smile. "Hello."

"No, but -- what?" Donna says, with a weird creeping sense of déjà vu.

Saxon's lips twist slightly. "This is a bit unexpected, yes. And who are you?"

"Donna Noble," Donna says, finally recovering herself. "And what the hell are you doing in my room?"

"Is it?" Saxon says with mild interest. "I really haven't the faintest, ah, Donna." He peers around. "And where might this be?"

"Chiswick," Donna says, a little angry now, "London, England, sir. Sorry, just to get this straight, you're Harold Saxon."

A grin flickers across his face. "Harold Saxon. Yes."

"You're the twenty-four-hour Minister. In my bedroom."

"Yes, I --" Saxon double-takes. "I'm the what?"

Hmm...I may not be getting a lot of betaing done either... *g*
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