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Olympic Boycott: Day Twelve

I haven't heard anything about the Olympics so far today, despite watching BT this morning. However, I'm going out to dinner with some friends tonight, so there might be some discussion then. If I get home in time, I might manage to do some more work on the beta I mentioned on Sunday. I'm pretty sure I won't be doing any cleaning. Thankfully, the situation seems to be under control. My mom is also a very understanding and forgiving person (which probably explains why I wasn't put up for adoption). In fact, she always tells me that I don't have to clean at all, and my response is usually some variation of the following: "Yeah, I don't think so. My place looks like a bomb went off. No, make that two bombs." So...I'll be doing more cleaning tomorrow. As I have at least three to four hours of podfic saved on my MP3 player, it shouldn't be a problem. *g*
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