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Olympic Boycott: Day Fourteen

The news is still sinking in, but I learned from jackycomelately this morning that Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :-( I probably would have found out sooner, but I'm behind with my flist and I didn't gone online last night. Anywaaaaaay, according to jackycomelately, there's going to be a movie (something similar to the SG-1 DVD movie releases, I would think) after season five and then that's it.

Man, I haven't felt this bummed out about a cancellation since Enterprise, though, at least in that case, I saw it coming. Hell, everybody saw it coming. As far as I know, no one knew that SGA was in jeopardy. Yeah, okay, it's always a possibility with any show, especially a sci-fi show, but I was kinda hoping that SGA would go for at least a couple more seasons. I'm guessing there will be massive fan campaigns to save the show, but I'm not sure if I can go through all that again. I did some serious campaigning for Enterprise and it was a little disheartening when, after a huge show of support from us fans, TPTB basically just spit in our faces.
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