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Olympic Boycott: Day Fifteen

Once again, this post has very little to do with my Olympic boycott. However, I've been so busy the past few days that I couldn't have watched the Olympics even if I'd wanted to. Still, it looks like Canada has been doing really well lately without my support, so hooray for boycotting.

Although I tried to remain deeply entrenched in denial, I couldn't resist visiting GateWorld today to see if I could get the story behind SGA's cancellation. From what I can tell in reading between the lines (e.g. bullshit), SGA is being cancelled so that Stargate Universe can be created in its place. Apparently, Stargate Universe is going to be "a little more character-based, a little less rooted in a sci-fi mythology". It's also geared towards a younger, hipper audience. In other words, they want to change the formula that worked for SG-1 and SGA in the hope of attracting the same audience that's into Eureka, I guess. Umm...are you trying to alienate all of the current Stargate fans?

I couldn't care less about a new Stargate show. Is McKay going to be in it? No. So why would it matter to me? Okay, I might have given it a chance if TPTB weren't cancelling my show. But, now, there's no way in hell you'd get me to watch it. Not that it's going to mean anything to MGM if a Canadian viewer decides not to watch. Still, it will make me feel better to boycott their shiny new toy.

Oh, I'm not a bitter person who holds intense grudges. No, not at all. *g*
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