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Olympic Boycott: Days 16 & 17

I was so busy on Saturday that I not only missed posting on my LJ but missed the fact that the Olympics was drawing to a close. Oh, and I've also gone and caught a rather nasty cold, so I've been pretty spacey since yesterday due to decongestant, painkillers, and the frickin' virus itself. Thankfully, it didn't ruin my mom's stay, though I had to keep convincing her that I was okay and the cold wasn't that bad -- something that's a little more challenging when your mom used to be a nurse. I was also up for part of the night because my jaws started to ache due to sinus congestion. While I tried not to wake her, my mom heard me open the fridge to get a drink and I confessed that I couldn't sleep. I had been out on the balcony reading Speranza's wonderful Weddings, Plural, and a Yak (from Surfacing I) by flashlight, but Mom told me that a lamp wouldn't bother her and that I should read in bed where it was comfortable. I reluctantly did so and, happily, she did go back to sleep. Anywaaaaaay, despite sickness and partial insomnia, the weekend went well.

Yesterday, we made our yearly pilgrimage to the EX where my mom spents lots of money and made friends with Luba Goy. I bought four rocks and a discount book and tried not to crack up during my mom's bonding session with Luba Goy. Perhaps I should explain. The cat show was on and my mom dropped by to visit the breeders where she got her Maine Coon kitten, Minerva. My mom had brought a couple of pictures of Minerva to show the breeders and was told she should show them to Luba. Being stoned on meds, I didn't realize that Luba was Luba Goy until my mom said, "Oh, I'll show pictures to Luba Goy any time. However, what neither of us realized was that Luba Goy had recently acquired a Maine Coon kitten herself and was completely ga-ga about him. The woman must have had at least twenty pictures of "Monty" (short for "Montgomery") on her digital camera and insisted that we see pretty much all of them. My mom told me afterwards that she kept preparing to go when Luba Goy would show her another picture. Then she accused me of just standing there and doing nothing to help. I told her I was simply trying not to laugh. While we did eventually escape from Luba Goy, we ended up running into her again at the deli place where we bought our lunch. Luba Goy's friend greeted us by saying, "It's Minerva's mom!" I was kind of disappointed that my mom and Luba Goy didn't exchange email addresses so that they could send each other pictures of their cats. However, it's possible that we'll run into Luba Goy again at next year's cat show.

Today, Mom and I went to the main HMV downtown and then checked out World's Biggest. I came across this cool Doctor Who book completely by chance and had to buy it. My mom had been planning to buy two books and came out with eight, which didn't surprise me at all. Then we had lunch at Pickle Barrel and came back here for a bit. She stayed long enough to watch this week's episode of Life on Mars and then left, telling me to rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Once again, I have no idea what this post has to do with the Olympics, my boycott, or anything, really. However, at least this time I can blame my rambling on my cold and a heavy dose of medication. Usually, I don't have such a convenient excuse. *g*
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