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Well, I Can See This is Going to be a Productive Weekend...

I took the day off, but have I done anything with it? No, not really. Sure, I managed to leave my apartment long enough to do some groceries. I even called my mom and washed some dishes. But other than that? Well, other than that, I spent a couple of hours revamping my John Simm icon. Oh, I could have attempted to write or go through the story I'm supposed to be editing for the RoS Fanfic Archive, but apparently that would have required more brain power than I'm currently generating. I did have fun playing with John Simm screencaps in Paint Shop Pro. I'm no designer, but I think they look pretty good. They're certainly an improvement on what I had before and I think the icon is a bit more stylish:

I decided to have another go at the icon after having a brief discussion about it with radiogaga80 on her LJ. Well, it wasn't so much a discussion about revamping my John Simm icon as her noticing that I had one and me pointing out that it was a rush job and could definitely be improved on. Oooooh...I could totally pin the blame on radiogaga80 for this. I mean, I'm sure the decision to work on the icon had nothing to do with re-watching Human Traffic last night or taking a Benylin this morning. *g*

Maybe I'll actually get something done in the next three days. I'll be at my parents' place tomorrow, but I'm hoping if I go to Edwards Gardens on Sunday I might do something radical, like write. I just have to avoid any families of Canada Geese this time. Oh, and ducks. They can be pretty distracting too.
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