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In Need of SERIOUS Intervention

I've reached a new low in my John Simm obsession. I registered for emusic late last night just so I could download Magic Alex's "Dated and Sexist". John Simm was a founding member, songwriter and guitarist of the band. Oh, and I think he did some of the background vocals. The band was named after Yanni Alexis Mardas (Magic Alex), the Beatles' electronics wizard. Anyway, after accidentally watching a concert clip of Magic Alex performing "Breathe In" on YouTube, I just had to see if I could get my grubby little hands on any of their music. I was totally shocked to discover that the "laziest band in Britain" had released a CD that was available for download. I was sure that if a CD existed, it would be something that would be virtually impossible to come by. Well, not only was I able to come by it, but I shouldn't have to pay for the music because I'm on this seven-day trial period and I'm allowed to keep the first 25 songs I download, even if I decide to cancel.

At the rate I'm going, my MP3 player is going to filled with John Simm related music. I've already downloaded about 20 songs that were featured on the Life on Mars soundtrack. For the last couple of days, I've been downloading some songs from Human Traffic and 24 Hour Party People. I wonder what the music from Miranda is like. I've ordered that on

The music thing isn't even the worse of it. Not really. I read Crime and Punishment because John Simm plays Raskolnikov in the 2002 BBC version. Okay, the paperback was sitting on my bookshelf already and I had been planning to read it eventually. However, I think "eventually" was probably some time in the next ten years and not, like, now. Not that I regret reading it because the book totally blew me away. However, after watching clips from the John Simm version, I'm trying to talk myself into waiting for the DVD to be released in region one (assuming it will be) and not order it on As I have a multi-region player and own the PAL version of Robin of Sherwood, this certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility. However, I like being able to lend DVDs out to people. In the case of Crime and Punishment, I'm guessing my mom would be the only taker, but still...

During my John Simm romp through YouTube, I came across this great comedy sketch he did with Steve Coogan for "All Star Comedy 2004". Well, I thought it was funny, but I've always found ridiculous situations hilarious.

I need help. Serious, serious help.

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