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Hallelujah! My Baby Has Come Back to Life!!!

Just as I was beginning to fear the worse, my beautiful baby was resurrected from the dead! In other words, with the aid of the poor tech support guy from Dell, I was able to fix the problem with my computer. Actually, the poor tech support guy from Dell had given up and was suggesting new hard drives I could buy. After barely taking in what he had said, I thanked him for his help and hung up the phone. Then I went back and gave it a go myself. You see, I think the guy was leading me in the right direction, but I was missing certain steps along the way (like "Hit any key to boot"). You see, the problem was that I couldn't get on to Windows. I was just getting this black screen with various error messages. The tech guy got me to load in the Windows XP disk and was telling me to hit certain keys repeatedly (such as F12 and F8) to bypass the error messages and reach system menus. In other words, he was trying to help me re-install Windows. Once I got off the phone, I tried to repeat his steps and found a way to re-install Windows successfully. Not only that but the re-installation fixed this recurring problem I was having with my Internet access! Well, at least for now.

I'm definitely going to look into getting one of those portable external hard drives in case something like this happens again. I've been playing with the idea for a while because I only have 40 GB and more space would be wonderful.

I'm pretty sure that simmfaninmexico is the only person on my flist who will appreciate this, but I'm going to post the national anthem from Human Traffic to celebrate the re-birth of my computer! Take it away, Jip!:

Yes, I know. I still need help. However, right now I don't care because my baby's BACK! :-)
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