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The Joys of Public Transit

Thanks to Viva and the TTC, I had a blast going to and from work today. This morning, it took about half an hour for my YRT bus to leave the bus platform because striking Viva workers were blocking every single bus leaving Finch Station. These people literally stood blocking the exit, holding up buses for at least two or three minutes at a time. Uh, I know I'm not always the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but I don't really understand the point of pissing off transit users when it's your employers you have a gripe with. In any case, thanks to the Viva strike, I was half an hour late for work.

On the commute home, the Don Mills bus was about 15 to 20 minutes late and I ended up transferring at Steeles because the bus was so crowded. However, that was nothing compared to the fun that awaited me on the subway. Between York Mills and Lawrence, we heard an announcement that there would be no service between Lawrence and Bloor and that we would need to take a shuttlebus if we wanted to go further south. As I often walk from Yonge & Lawrence to Yonge & Eglinton as exercise, this was no real hardship for me. I had actually been contemplating getting out at Lawrence to do just that. What I hadn't considered was the crowd of people that would be milling around on the subway platform, not to mention the stream of people that would be walking both ways on Yonge. Most transit users quickly learn that walking is much more appealing than trying to cram into the joke that is the TTC shuttlebus.

Anywaaaay, the sidewalks were a little more crowded than usual with the hundreds of people walking both north and south along Yonge. I overheard one person say that it was just like the Blackout and, yeah, it did remind me a bit of that. Fortunately, it wasn't blazing hot today and the walk was half an hour as opposed to my two hour ordeal of 2003. Of course, I was one of the lucky ones. I'm not sure how far some of the other people were walking...

Well, in the good news department, I have the day off tomorrow. Woo hoo! I'm also happy to announce that pyrateanny has made an AWESOME McKay Whump vid! You really must watch it! Watch it NOW!:

This will only please a small percentage of my flist, but I'm really hoping that my next LJ entry will be the ninth installment of In the Family Way. I'm planning to write like mad over the next couple of days and finish the rough draft, dammit! With any luck, I might be able to post the ninth installment within the next week...
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