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I'm Not Just Looking Old...I'm Looking *OLDER*!

I emerged from a washroom stall this afternoon (because like most people I have a bladder) to see this co-worker who usually gives me the cold shoulder. I ignored her as usual and proceeded to wash my hands. But then she actually spoke to me. She asked, “Did you used to work for [Insert legal publisher here]?” I said “Yes” because I had. It turns out that she worked at [Insert legal publisher here] in the early 90s and thought I had too. As I’m pretty dense, I couldn’t figure out why that seemed strange at first. I simply said that I had been at [Insert legal publisher here] in 1999/2000, at which point she realized that we couldn’t have been at [Insert legal publisher here] at the same time because she had left [Insert legal publisher here] by then. I observed that I “must have one of those faces” (whatever that means), and she commented that a lot of people at [Insert current employer] worked at [Insert legal publisher here], which is true. Then we went our separate ways. Anyway, to make a long story slightly shorter, I realized that I couldn't have been working at [Insert legal publisher here] in the early 90s because in the early 90s (the very early 90s at least) I was still in high school!

Now why did she think that I worked with her at [Insert legal publisher here] in the early 90s? Could it because I'm...looking older? With my recent dieting, my face does look thinner. Apparently, the face is one of the first places where you notice weight loss, which has definitely been true in my case. Unfortunately, however, dieting has apparently aged me as well. I mean, fatter people often do look younger. I always figured it was compensation for not being thin. In any case, it looks like I'll be paying the price as well. It won’t be “Hey, you lost weight!” but “Hey, did you get older?” So I guess it’s a toss up between being thinner and looking older, or fat and looking younger but possibly also dying younger (due to possible heart disease). It seems I just can’t win. However, if I have my choice, I think I’ll go with thinner and older because at least I might live long enough to grow into my older age.
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