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Fuel for the Inferiority Complex

Man, I'm bummed out. I just received a submission for the RoS Fanfic Archive that's approximately 42,000 words. Now, while the thought of reading and editing this story seems a little daunting, that isn't what's depressing me. No, I'm depressed because I'm pretty sure the writer in question managed to write a story this long in only a few months. I've been working on my own fic for over two years and it's only about 60,000 words. If it was another writer, I might console myself with bitchy thoughts on how the work probably won't measure up given the short time span involved. However, everything this writer has written has been seriously good, so I don't even have that luxury.

If I were a better person, I would use this seething jealousy to drive my own ambition instead of allowing it to cripple me with self-doubt. Of course, if I were a better person, I wouldn't be seeing green in the first place...
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