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John and Rodney's First Christmas in Scarberia (a.k.a. I Got a Digital Camera from Santa)

I returned from my parents' yesterday afternoon and, to the misfortune of all, I figured out how to transfer pictures from my digital camera to my computer. I also managed to break the two front wheels on my desk unit when I was moving it, so now I've got two telephone books jammed under the desk unit instead of wheels. However, we won't go into that...

My mom really gets into the spirit of the Holidays when she's decorating, so there were lots of photo ops for the boys -- something my family found rather disturbing for some reason.

The boys in the Dickens Village.

Even Minerva got involved in the pictures...

These were actually two of the more tasteful pictures.

Ahhhh! Isn't that romantic?

Uh...I got a bit silly after that...

There was beer involved.

Well, at least the boys were willing to pose. You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to get my other subjects to cooperate!

I was able to catch my parents when they were trying to capture me, while the
picture of Uncle G was snapped when he was coming through the door.

I could get Mom when she was showing off her new housecoat, but I needed to enlist
Minerva and a pepper mill to distract Danna long enough to take his picture.

My siblings were obviously foolish enough to think that I would take flattering pictures of them. *g*

With Hamish, some coercion was necessary, while the turkey wasn't really in a position to argue...

The element of surprise seemed to work best with Oakley and Minerva.

Uh...the squirrel was looking for his daily supply of breadcrumbs, which Mom provides in exchange for entertaining for the cats.

Gee, I wonder how people got through the Holidays before digital cameras were invented! *g*

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