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First Entry... *gulp*

Wow...this is kind of scary. I never thought I'd have my own live journal. I never even felt remotely cool enough to post at one before, let alone create one! I even made icons, though it took some fairly extensive reading and PSP 8 tutorials before I managed that incredible feat. For some reason the whole concept of layers really stumped me for a while, which is kinda sad because I have used PhotoShop in the past. Not that I was particularly good at it. In fact, I pretty much sucked.

Oh, God, this is so boring that even my extensive use of italics won't save this entry! This is why I had to stop keeping a diary as a teenager: I was putting myself to sleep! If I write a second entry, I'll try to be a little more interesting. I'll wait until I'm fuming about something and then have a good rant. Of course, that might just make the next entry scary instead of interesting. Maybe I'll just aim for different instead.

If someone has managed to stumble across this journal, they might be wondering why I decided to create one when I'm obviously insane. One might argue that insanity actually had a lot to do with it. However, a friend of mine also gave me a bit of a nudge when she patiently encouraged me once again to start my own live journal. I was also inspired by another friend who has become something of a live journal aficionado. Her enthusium alone has tempted me to venture forth into the Land of Blog. And, okay, if I'm going to be completely honest, I wanted to make pretty icons and eventually post some fic.

Well, I think that's enough babbling for now. Stay tuned for the second entry -- if ye dare!
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