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I Think I'm Losing It...Again

My period snuck up on me this morning. The little bitch actually managed to take me by surprise. I woke up and wondered What the fuck is wrong with me now? Then I thought that there was something kind of familiar about the whole thing. A few seconds after that, it occurred to me that it might be menstruation and not, say, some other gynecological condition.

Usually, I know my period is coming because I'm psychotic. However, I missed the warning signs because I thought they were something else. I took my moodiness as being the products of a cold, guilt about my parents, and possibly SAD as it is February. In fact, I didn't think my period would be coming for at least another week, though I've totally blanked on when I last had it. I'd check my LJ, but I've made a point of not writing entries during that time of the month after my last PMS rant...Oooops. Sorry. But, hey, at least I'll have a way of keeping track of my cycle next month. *g*
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