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I've Sold Out

I've embraced the Dark Side of the Force. I've made the switch to a sponsored account. I've sold my soul in order to have 15 userpics instead of 6. That's why I've now got that ugly box on the side of my LJ. It's the punishment I must bear for being a corporate whore. But 15 userpics instead of 6! That's 9 whole extra userpics! How could I have possibly withstood that kind of temptation? And by getting a sponsored account, I'm helping to support Live Journal, so it's not just for selfish reasons, right...? Yeah, okay. Who am I kidding? It is for selfish reasons. I'm a despicable person with no scruples whatsoever.

Did I mention the 9 extra userpics? Extra userpics are important because having an LJ is, like, 70% about the pretty icons and 30% about the writing.
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