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Easter Tragedy

Well, perhaps "tragedy" is wording it a bit too strongly. The term "trauma" or "mishap" might be more accurate. Any way you put it, there was definitely mauling involved. I should have seen it coming when I heard a bell ringing around 7:00 on Easter morning (after the first delivery from the Easter Bunny) and caught the "perp" playing with my sister's white chocolate bunny. I foolishly thought the bunnies were safe when I no longer heard any bells ringing and I went back to sleep. Then, around 8:30 (after the second delivery from the Easter Bunny), my mom discovered something horrifying: her cat was chewing on the white chocolate bunny's ear!

On closer inspection, my mom discovered that Minerva had chewed on the ears
of most of the chocolate bunnies, including my larger dark chocolate bunny!

In an attempt to prevent further damage, my mom cleverly covered all the bunnies with napkins. As my
sense of humour is dark, sick and twisted, I immediately began referring to them as the Ku Klux Klan Bunnies.

Of course, Minerva was back on the table in no time, effortlessly plucking the
napkins off the bunnies. That's when we asked Hamish to step in and guard the table.

Although my family has now had more than a day to recover from this senseless crime, the
shock hasn't quite worn off. When I tried to interview my brother, he refused to comment.

And then he became hostile...

Minerva (the Bunny Mutilator) doesn't appear to be experiencing one iota of guilt or remorse. In fact, shortly after disfiguring the chocolate bunnies, she was pampering herself with a nice long wash on the carpet.

I wish there was a way to help the bunnies through the nightmare that was Easter morning, but I fear there is nothing that can be done for them. Tonight, I'm going to have to find it in my heart to put my own large dark chocolate bunny out of its misery...
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