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Second Annual Birthday Bowl!

As we didn't kill each other last year, my sibs and I decided to go bowling again this year to celebrate my sister's birthday. As All Star Bowling didn't open till 12:00, we decided to grab lunch at the nearby McDonald's first. Well, its proximity to the bowling alley is still a matter of debate. My brother claimed it was just down the street, but I'd forgotten that, in Scarborough terms, "just down the street" means at least half a mile. Of course, I was already running late, though I had called my brother to let him know as he'd already sent me two text messages. At about 11:45 (at least 15 minutes before our meeting time of 12:00ish) my cell phone rang with the message: Where r u? I sent off a quick reply and then called him from Brimley when I discovered the second message: We are @ mcdonalds waiting 4 u.

I did tell B that they could start without me, but they waited for me. I felt a little less guilty when my sister first snapped a picture of me walking into McDonald's and then a second photo of me biting into my Quarter Pounder. Anywaaaaay, after we'd finished our lunch, we set off to the bowling alley. is Scarborough and the place is more attractive on the inside.

See what I mean? And, hey, it glows in the dark now!

And changes colour!

At least twice.

When we first walked in, I wondered if we'd be able to bowl at all as the place seemed to be hosting a birthday party for some kiddies. And then there was the glowing-in-the-dark thing, which wasn't something we experienced last year. However, the kids were busy munching and all the alleys were free, so it wasn't a problem.

I wish I could say that I kicked everyone's ass, but I came in last place for all three games. In my defence, I had been suffering with a migraine since Friday night (Still have it, actually) and was doped up on ibuprofen. I mean, that's the only possible reason my brother could have obtained better bowling scores than I did!

Here are the scores from the second game. My sister is the first row (E), I'm the second row (C), and my brother is the last row (B). Sadly, 41 is probably the best score I got for any of the games. I'd say I got gutter balls at least half the time and was pretty ecstatic the one time I managed to get a spare!

If you'd like a better idea of how I bowled yesterday, here's some footage my sister shot of me during last year's bowling match. I, uh, played that badly on purpose. Really.

Oh, look. A fascinating shot of my bowling shoe.

E striking up a bit of a pose.

E pretending to be demure.

The Jays game E was watching when it wasn't her turn. At one point, I thought she was cheering me
on when I heard her chanting, "Strike, strike, strike," but apparently she was just jinxing the Oakland A's.

It looks like B envies his older sisters in more ways than I ever imagined...

When we were kids, I told B he was adopted, but he didn't believe me.

Now this is what I could have used yesterday. My sister claims it's cheating and sees no reason
why kids can't just push the ball. However, E did concede that the cheating aid didn't guarantee
perfect results when we both saw the same kid get a gutter ball while using this device...

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