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Unexpected Reunion

I ran into a guy I went to high school with in my Markham bus shelter of all places! I think he must have recognized me as soon as I stepped inside because he stared at me for a few uncomfortable seconds. Feeling awkward, I didn't make eye contact, but just stared out of the bus shelter. However, the strange thing is that I wondered for a second if it could be D (the guy I went to high school with). Even though I had barely caught a glance of his face, he looked like D and it would make sense for him to do a doubletake if he had recognized me. But I dismissed the idea when the guy turned away from me without saying anything. Then, when the bus was almost at the shelter, the guy looked at me again and said, "C?"

Caught by surprise, my clever response was, "Oh, hi!"

"It's me. D."

"Yeah, I know!"

It turns out that D has been working for a company on Commerce Valley Drive for the last year & a half. However, he usually stands at another stop and, I guess, we've just never run into each other before. In any case, we chatted on the bus all the way to Don Mills Station. I was kind of nervous because I'm having a bad hair day (Well, worse than usual) and there's some kind of mystery stain on my pants. Oh, and I hate it when people ask me about myself. It's a bit ridiculous, but I've had a number of mini mid-life crises since about the age of 20 and I kind of feel as if I'm not where I should be and that my life doesn't measure up. And, really, unless I'm talking to a fellow geek, there's not much I can discuss outside of work, which I hate. With a fiery passion. Thankfully, D was so busy telling me about other people that he didn't really ask much about me. I told him who I'd kept in touch with and I think he only remembered one person. I was relieved that he didn't ask about one friend of mine, who died exactly two years ago today. I don't know how I would have broken the news to him.

As we pulled into Don Mills Station, D asked if he could look me up on Facebook (as we had been discussing Facebook earlier), so I said yes. As he's a bit wary about Facebook, I'm hoping he'll understand when I only grant him restricted access. I'm sure the guy thought I was weird enough in high school without learning exactly how strange I've become! *g*
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