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A Rather Strange Morning...

I had the strangest experience this morning. I was half-asleep and stumbling towards the bathroom for my shower when I heard a cat meowing outside my apartment door. Feeling naturally curious, I opened the door and found a dark grey persian sitting outside. I said, "Hello! Where did you come from?" and she immediately waltzed into my apartment, meowing and twisting herself around my legs. I picked her up and attempted to carry her back outside twice, but she kept jumping out of my arms and making her way back inside my apartment again. In the end, I snagged my keys and, managing to keep a tight grip on her, shut the door. Informing her that I needed to find her mommy and daddy, I went next door because I was pretty sure that was where she was staying. They have this annoying little dog that yaps constantly when they're out, but I think they must catsit for friends because I overheard a conversation in which someone else arrived at their door with a cat. Anywaaaay, I tried knocking twice and received no answer. Not knowing what else to do, I poured some water into a margarine tub and left it outside for the cat.

When I checked the hallway after my shower, the cat wasn't there anymore, so I assumed that she'd been let back in. However, when I left for work, she was back out in the hall, lying outside the neighbour's door. This really upset me and pissed me off because she had obviously been booted out deliberately -- and with no food or water. As I was already running late and couldn't stick around, I spent the trip into work agonizing over what to do. In the end, I called my super. Well, the replacement for the super, I expect, because the person I spoke to wasn't the super or his wife. In any case, the lady said she would check it out, so I feel a bit better about the situation. However, if I find that cat in the hallway when I get home tonight, I'm going to track down the owners, sitters, or whoever and give them hell.
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