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Well, I'm Glad That's Done!

By some minor miracle, I finally finished the rough draft for my David Hewlett MSF/DWB Charity Auction fic! I had promised a minimum of 2500-3000 words, so, naturally, I wrote just over 10,000. Uh, this number might go down to a slightly more reasonable figure once the story has been fixed up. I have a feeling that some trimming might be necessary. The fic certainly needs some serious revision. I'm going to go through it once each day, for the next four days, in the hope that I might be able to whip it into some kind of shape. My plan is to deliver it to my kind and patient bidder on Canada Day, which probably won't mean much to her as I think she's British...

A week ago, I was seriously questioning whether I'd be able to meet my self-imposed deadline for the rough draft, which is June 30th. For several days, I was finding it a challenge to get individual words on the page, never mind full sentences! Then, on Thursday night, who should show up but my AWOL muse.

Muse: Hey, there! Would you like some help?

rusty_armour: Where the fuck have you been, you selfish little bitch?

Okay, I didn't actually say that because I was so frickin' happy to see her, but I was definitely thinking it.

Uh...I believe there was a point to this entry when I first started writing it. I've just forgotten what it is. Oh, yeah! I finished the fic! Thank Herne I finished the fic! Now, I just have to hope my bidder likes it because it would seriously suck if she didn't!
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