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And the Identity Theft Saga Continues...

Up till now, I decided not to bore people with another LJ entry about my identity theft issues. This is mostly because I'm lazy and have been possessed by Lester plot bunnies from hell. However, for anyone keeping track (besides me), my identity theft issues took a turn for the worse when I discovered last Friday that TD Bank had frozen my account. After visiting the bank on Saturday morning, I thought the problem had been fixed, but then I discovered on Sunday morning that my account was still frozen when I tried to check it online. This meant that I had to go grocery shopping with my credit card (a habit I've been trying to avoid) and only having about $10 in cash. You see, I was sent a letter in which TD bank demanded that I transfer $373 to my account immediately. I figured they would just take that amount out of my account on Wednesday (pay day), which is exactly what they did. However, they didn't think it was necessary to give me access to my account (e.g. my own frickin' money). Fortunately, I was able to get a bank teller to unfreeze my account tonight, which means I can buy my weekly transit pass tomorrow, see Harry Potter with some friends on Saturday, and avoid begging Mommy and Daddy for cash.

Of course, there's still the issue of the money TD did take. They'd better be reimbursing the full amount when the fraud claim has been processed or they'll be dealing with a pissed off customer (and one with a very bad temper at that) and not just someone who is annoyed at having to pay three separate visits to the bank. As it is, I've got even less money to pay my bills tonight. I certainly won't be giving those TD bastards more than the minimum payment on my TD Visa card as I think they've taken more than enough of my money this month, thank you very much.

I have to say how nice it is to be treated like a criminal when I'm supposed to be the victim. Fun times.
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