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Toronto? Courteous? Hmm...?

Apparently Toronto was named the third most courteous city in the world in a Reader's Digest poll. My question is: how? I mean, they couldn't have researched too many other cities (at least in this country) if Toronto managed to attain such a high rank.

Hmm...maybe my opinion is coloured by the fact that I was in a TTC bus yesterday where the driver was threatened with violence (and a bomb) by a man who insisted on a free ride. Fortunately, one lady called the police on her cell phone and they took care of the man. Most of us actually felt kind of sorry for him as he wasn't wearing any shoes and broke down in tears. In fact, he had left the bus before the cops showed up, and I don't think he put up a lot of resistance. was kind of scary.

I think I'm also feeling kind of cynical because a guy was just shot on Scarborough Golf Club Rd, which is only about a 1-2 minute drive from my parents' house. The media didn't have the full details when I left for work this morning, but it sounds like a cop shot a fleeing suspect.

I guess courteousness is something that has to be measured separately from violence. New York was ranked the most courteous city in the world and it's not as if it's free of violence either.
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