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Spam Review

I just received a spam review at Wraithbait for Thankless. It was really bizarre because it looked like a regular review at first, with the poster in question saying that he/she thought my story was well-written, etc. But then I read the second sentence and discovered that it contained a link for a British loans company. Very strange. I deleted it there and then, though I'm kind of wishing I'd kept it now for its amusement value.

I've actually had to return to edit this post because I initially thought that this Wraithbait spam review was my very first spam review. Then I remembered that I'd received two spam reviews for In the Family Way for some kind of drug or alcohol intervention program. I'm not sure how I forgot about that. I must be getting old or doing a better job of blocking out In the Family Way than I realized -- though I have gone back to start re-reading the story in the event that I eventually get around to writing the final installment. I do plan to start working on it soon, though it's not something I'm looking forward to. I'm hoping that if I have my crazy Primeval crack!fic to work on as well, I can use that as a kind of reward system for getting any work done on In the Family Way. Knowing me, I'll consider "any work" to be a sentence or paragraph and give myself permission to write an entire scene of the Primeval crack!fic in return. *g*
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